Welcome to Flask-arango-orm’s documentation!


Flask-arango-orm is used to connect to an ArangoDB instance using arango-orm as an object model layer to your Flask app. ArangoDB is a hybrid database that can provide a document, graph, and relational mode which can be taken advantage of using arango-orm.


Using pip:

pip install Flask-arango-orm

Or using setup.py:

python setup.py install

Tests can be ran using:

python setup.py test

Documentation can be generated using:

python setup.py build_sphinx


This extension for the Flask framework uses arango-orm to provide an Object Model to use within the Flask application.

from flask import Flask
from flask_arango_orm import ArangoORM

app = Flask(__name__)
arango = ArangoORM(app)

def some_route():
   db_conn = arango.connection

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